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Tuesday, May 3

Happy Week

Happiness (this week) is...

Celebrating friends' amazingness, fabulousness, and awesomeness

New records with amazing music

Art night with The Mister

Outside lights brought inside making the apartment grow

 A night of shopping with a dear friend which resulted in new summer clothes

Signing up for Weight Watchers

Shiny boots

This video:

Ghost Whisperer on Netflix

Being done with statistics for the semester


The Good Wife back on Television
What's making you happy this week, friends?


JadrianJ said...

Multiple cups of REALLY good coffee make me happy this week.

life & times of me said...

I started weight watcher too! We shall see how this goes!

Nicole said...

Good Coffee makes Chet really happy. You guys should chat.

Yay Kendall! I sensing some discussion amongst us. Are you doing meetings or online?

life & times of me said...

I am doing online!!